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Pocket Watch Services

Pocket Watch Repair ServicesPocket Watch Case Repair
Broken hinges are the most common problem for pocket watches cases, however we're able to use laser equipment to completely repair the hinge. We're able to repair gold, gold-filled, and silver cases.

Cost: $125 per hinge, plus return shipping and insurance.


Pocket Watch Bezels and Glass Crystals
GF Specialties has an extensive supply of original gold, gold-filled, and silver pocket watch bezels. Gold bezels will only fit gold cases, and range in price from $100 to $500 each, depending on the size of the case. (These bezels are either 14K or 18K.) Your gold-filled case fitted with a bezel: $50 plus return shipping. Bezels for silver cases are $80 each plus return shipping.

Fitted glass round crystals for pocket watches: $40 each, plus return shipping.

Elaborate-shaped crystals are in shorter supply, but still available. These range in cost from $100 to $350, plus return shipping.

All work is done on a prepaid basis only. Case repair or bezel fitting may be payable using your scrap gold-filled material.

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