Gold filled wire rim eyeglasses with 100 dollar bills

Challenging Economic Time Creates New Opportunity to Sell Your Metal Eyeglass Frames for Higher Returns

Now’s a great time to turn those bins of metal eyeglasses into money.

How it Works

  • The more you strip the frames of lenses, plastic and aluminum the more you get paid
  • We buy GOLDFILLED, GOLDPLATED and YELLOW unmarked eyeglass frames
  • Most payments made within 10 business days of receipt of material
  • NO refining, assay or sorting charges deducted

When Gold Market is $1,600/oz

  • 1/10 12KGF frames without lens, plastic or aluminum: $611/pound
  • 1/20 12KGF frames without lens, plastic or aluminum: $305/pound
  • Stamped Gold-plated and yellow frames without lens, plastic or aluminum: $7.00/pound

Additional Service Offered

  • Removal of lens, plastic, and aluminum from frames
  • Payment for shipments requiring this service will be determined based on quantity of material shipped and work required

For almost 30 years, the Wisconsin Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center has been working with GF Specialties, LTD. We are very appreciative of the open and honest relationship we share and are confident they are getting us the best price for the metal in our unusable eyeglasses. They are very accommodating and handle our account in a timely fashion…a great company to work with!

Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Inc.Evett J. Hartvig, Executive Director

GF Specialties makes it easy to recycle the gold in our donated eyeglasses. The fair compensation we receive from GF helps our Foundation continue to meet our mission.

South Dakota Lions FoundationRhonda Christensen, Office Manager

Remember, the time is now to sell your metal eyeglass frames for higher returns.