FAQ’s About Gold-Filled Buying and Selling

What type of materials does GF Specialties, LTD buy?

We buy any of the following Gold-Filled and Gold-Plated items: eyeglass frames, pocket watch cases, wristwatch cases, jewelery, and watchbands. (For a detailed listing, see What We Buy.

We also buy mechanical pocket watches and wristwatches and/or mechanical movements. Swiss or American, ladies or men’s in any condition, EXCEPT RUSTED. From $ 0.25 to $1,000 each. DO NOT send Timex or Quartz (battery) watches.

How does GF Specialties price the materials you buy?

The price paid for your material is based on the close of the NY Comex Gold Market one day after receipt. All materials received by GF Specialties is sorted by type. We do not charge any customer for sorting the various types of gold filled materials sent to us. You are then sent a receiving sheet listing the categories and weights of each item along with the price you are being paid for each category.

Does GF Specialties charge a refining fee?

No, we do not charge a refining fee.

How soon will I get paid for the items I send in?

We will send your payment by USPS First Class mail within 5-10 business days of receipt. Payment is by business check. If necessary, the check can be sent by express mail (you will be charged only the normal postage fee for this service).

How should I ship my items to you?

GF Specialties accepts only US Postal Service packages. We recommend any of the three Flat Rate boxes that are available in small, medium, or large. For example, if Priority shipping is chosen for the large size Flat Rate box, you can send up to 70 lbs. of material and we’ll receive it within 3 days. Send your packages to us at:

GF Specialties, LTD
PO Box 170216
Milwaukee, WI 53217

For more information, see Sell Your Gold, or get started now by printing out your shipping label!

For additional questions, please contact us.