Trusted Gold-Filled Buying Promise

Our reputation for honesty, fair pricing, and timely payments are the reasons GF Specialties, LTD is one of the largest buyers of gold-filled materials today.

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GF Specialties Contact Phone

The Gold Filled Buying Specialists

(800) 351-6926

What GF Specialties, LTD Buys

We Accept — New, Used, Worn or Broken Items

  • NO Minimums             • NO Refining Charges
 NO Assay Charges        NO Sorting Charges
Gold-Filled and Gold Plated
  • Bracelets
• Chains
• Eyeglasses
• Lockets
• Pens and Pencils
• Pocket Watch cases
• Rosaries, crosses, and challises
• Watchbands
• Wristwatch cases
• And other items not mentioned above
Non-Gold-Filled Items
  • Mechanical pocket watch movements
• Mechanical wrist watch movements
• Used silver-oxide batteries
• Watchmaker hand tools
What We DON'T Buy
  • Battery operated watches
• Silver-plated flatware and hollowware
• Copper or brass
• Aluminum

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