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Our reputation for honesty, fair pricing, and timely payments are the reasons GF Specialties, LTD is one of the largest buyers of gold-filled materials today.

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Why Choose GF Specialties, LTD?

Trust, Experience, Knowledge

GF Specialties, Trusted Gold Filled BuyersThe founder of GF Specialties has been buying gold-filled material for over 45 years, starting back in 1966 when loyal customers brought in their small cigar boxes stuffed with bits and pieces. Since then, the business has continued to grow, and today includes the purchase of over one-million eyeglasses and a wide assortment of other gold-filled items annually.

Our customers include:
Pawn Brokers and Pawn Shops
Collectors and Antique Dealers
Flea Market Dealers, and
Pickers from all 50 states and Canada  

The GF Specialties Advantage

We've been around for a long time— and it's not just because of our good looks! We know what we're doing, and we're not a "fly by night" operation. It's easy to fall for slogans, inflated promises and claims. But unlike the competition, we stand by our word, and have maintained an enviable reputation for honesty and reliability. And there's more:
     NO Minimum - We purchase any amount of material
    • NO Refining Charges
 NO Assay Charges
 NO Sorting Charges

What Sets us Apart?

    • A thorough understanding of industry economics—where the market has been,       and where it's going.
 Pricing and Settlement Transparency
 45 Years of Experience

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